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Things to Consider When Pondering Child-Friendly Carpet

child friendly carpetIf you have children, you probably already know the importance of choosing carpets that can stand up to the play, traffic and messes that children can bring.

If you are considering a new carpet in your home, ask yourself the following questions while picking a child-friendly carpet.

Just a few minutes of thought prior to a decision can result in a carpet that lasts years, despite any mishaps that occur with children.

Can I Expect Many Stains?

If your children are older, stains may not be a big concern in your home. However, toddlers are bound to make several large messes as they learn to eat on their own and enjoy arts and crafts. In this case, choose carpet tiles or Persian rugs to blend stains or even remove a tile when necessary.

Are Toys a Concern?

You may not realize it, but many carpets are looped, meaning that the entire piece is made up of loops of fabric. This is fine in most homes, but things like toy wheels and cat claws can pull these loops, causing the carpet to have long strings. Instead, choose a cut pile carpet so there are no loops to pull out.

Ask yourself these two questions to find the perfect child-friendly carpet for your home. When it’s time to purchase new carpet for your home, DirectBuy has a great selection of brand-name carpet in a huge array of styles and colors. Best of all, you can purchase new carpet at savings up to 50% off retail.

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