What to Consider When Choosing Cut Pile or Loop Pile Carpet

All carpet types start out as loop pile. During the manufacturing process, these loops are cut, which creates the various textures and patterns of the cut pile carpet type. In the process, if some loops are left uncut while others are cut, the end result is "cut and loop pile" carpet.

All of these types of carpets are used in residential settings, but the cut pile types are the most popular among homeowners. Loop pile carpets, such as Berber, have become increasingly popular. Cut and loop style carpets were very popular in the 70s and 80s but have declined in popularity since that time.

There are basically three construction types of carpet to consider:

  • Cut pile
  • Loop pile
  • Cut and loop pile

Cut Pile Carpets Include Several Types:


The name implies exactly what plush pile carpet entails. It has a very soft, velvety look and feel. Its rich texture can create a beautiful setting for an elegant atmosphere and is often used when a more formal situation is desired.

Because of its very smooth construction and appearance, you can expect plush carpet to show the imprint of your footsteps and the trail of the vacuum cleaner. It's a natural occurrence for this type of carpet.

Plush carpet might be used in a master bedroom or a formal living area where the foot traffic is not exceptionally heavy for best results. Plush carpet tends to be more subject to pile reversal or water marking. Water marking is the result of permanent pile reversal in some areas where heavy foot traffic occurs.


This type of carpet is also a cut pile. Saxony carpet is created by twisting two or more piles and heat setting it so the tip of each carpet tuft becomes evident on the surface.

The Saxony carpets are a well-known favorite, bringing an elegant feel to any room. It is especially popular in a traditional or formal setting.

Carpet technology has brought the durability factor up for the Saxony carpet, but the consumer should be aware that this type of carpet will show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks - it's just the nature of the carpet style.


You can find textured carpets in patterns and solid styles. The textured style is another great choice for high foot traffic because of its construction of twisted fibers.

Textured carpet works well in any style of d├ęcor. It looks great in casual rooms - from kids' rooms to living rooms - but it also works great in more formal settings.


Another cut pile carpet, Frieze carpets are constructed with highly twisted fibers that result in excellent durability for high traffic areas. The fibers are short and curl in various directions, which easily hides footprints and vacuum marks. It is often referred to as the "trackless" carpet.

Frieze carpets are extremely popular and are among the most resilient carpets you can purchase today. This carpet is also very easy to clean. Your options in Frieze carpets range from a neat nub to a casual loose look that has become very popular today.

Many Loop Pile Carpets Are Also Very Popular Choices:


This type of loop pile carpet is extremely durable, but was not a popular choice among homeowners for many years. This is probably because so many types of cut pile carpets offer a more luxurious feeling. However, Berbers have increased in popularity over the past years and can be used with great style in your home.

You will find three types of loop pile carpets on the market today - level loop, textured loop, and multi-level loop.

Level Loop

Although level loop carpet is used mostly in commercial settings, some residential Berbers are available for use in your home. The level loop construction has loops of the same height, often with printed patterns on the smooth surface. The lower density construction allows the loops to be farther apart which provides an illusion of texture.

Textured Loop

The textured loop carpet is produced with slight variation in the loop height which creates patterns and texture. Also, variation in the color of the fiber enhances the visibility of texture. Textured loop carpet has become a popular option for homeowners and can offer a beautiful room setting.

Multilevel Loop

Very similar to the textured loop in style, the multilevel loop carpet offers more pronounced texture with more height variation in the loops, even without color enhancement.

Cut and Loop Pile

Just as the name suggests, the cut and loop pile carpet is constructed with a combination of yarns - some loops are cut while others remain uncut - to create patterns and textures. The most predominate loops are cut while the uncut loops create the pattern.

Multilevel Cut and Loop

The multilevel cut and loop carpet is not one of the most popular carpet tiles on today's market, but there are a few styles still available. This type of carpet is durable, easily hides stains and soils, and performs well in the home and also.

Choose the Carpet that Suits Your Lifestyle

When deciding on your carpet style, it's a good idea to assess the needs of your family and consider your lifestyle so you can choose the carpet type that will provide the most durability and beauty in your home. There are numerous options for beautiful carpet today, constructed with many different fibers, patterns, colors, and styles to suit your needs.

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